Our service offerings allow Global Systems Engineering to deliver services in a wide variety of verticals and to provide solutions for a diverse set of challenges.  Our service offerings include:


GSE analyzes a wide variety of complex systems and systems of systems challenges for both the Federal Government and Commercial Partners and develops solutions that integrate novel and existing technologies and capabilities into innovative and effective frameworks. This includes examining the performance and effectiveness of new concepts and system architectures for national security customers ranging across the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction spectrum, although we specialize in technology and systems integration, health security, biodefense, and biosecurity.

Although the subjects of our research continually change as a result of technological advances, newly recognized threats, and the perpetually evolving international political environment, our mission remains constant: to provide our sponsors with independent analyses that inform, evaluate, and shape the development of technical capabilities.


GSE helps guide the Federal Government in the decisions, policies, and processes of resource allocation. Because resource allocation is one of the fundamental functions of government, it is exceedingly important – particularly in a difficult budget climate – to review and examine how to effectively and efficiently distribute limited resources to the taxpayers’ best advantage. GSE’s researchers ensure our sponsors are adequately informed of the full range of consequences, implications, and scope of their decisions.

GSE has cost-benefit Analysts serving in Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) roles on client sites as well as Analysts serving in contract performer roles. Specifically, GSE’s A&AS Analysts evaluate costs for pending government acquisition and retention, examine resource allocation policies to guide sponsors’ decision-making, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our sponsors’ resource allocation processes. As contract performers, GSE Technical Analysts possess an extensive knowledge of both existing processes and our sponsors’ roles in relationship to other stakeholders. Regardless of the capacity in which we support our customers, we provide them with the assessments and information they need to make informed and impactful resource allocation decisions.


GSE leverages our team members’ diverse technical backgrounds and experience developed over their long careers in the military, as Federal civilian employees, and in other STEM fields. We provide technical subject matter expertise to our clients and strive to equip them with the most practical, sustainable, and impactful solutions to enable them to make informed and effective decisions.

The projects and programs that GSE supports span the entire CWMD spectrum of intelligence, detection, diagnostics, response and recovery, while addressing all CBRN threats. We provide end-to-end technical support across the Federal all-hazards response and recovery portfolio with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have active experience in both the military and civilian communities. Our expertise includes drafting plans, developing Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), coordinating and executing exercises and workshops, and monitoring and evaluating frameworks to provide critical technical capabilities required by our partners.


GSE’s team of certified Program and Project managers ensures that internally executed programs and projects run successfully by managing cost, schedule, and performance for technical efforts that address some of the world’s biggest challenges. GSE project managers have experience in business skills, management, budgeting, and analysis, which allows us to consistently achieve the best results with the people and projects that we oversee. With our government acquisition and contracting experience, we can help devise strategies that work for government and industry alike.

Our team has delivered solutions to address a broad array of our customers’ challenges and needs, including the development of program plans, strategic communications plans, and messaging for programs and efforts. GSE managers amplify the effectiveness of our partners’ leadership by providing organizational support, portfolio management, and strategy development for POM and future budget decisions.